What is another word for straightening?

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Straightening refers to the process of making something straight or correcting a crooked position. Synonyms for the word straightening include aligning, adjusting, making even, correcting, setting right, rectifying, and realigning. Aligning refers to establishing proper arrangement or configuration, while adjusting refers to making small changes to improve accuracy or effectiveness. Making even suggests creating or maintaining an equal distance or level of something. Correcting refers to getting rid of errors, faults, or unwanted conditions. Setting right refers to correcting wrongs, putting things back into their original or proper state. Realignment refers to adjusting or reorganizing something to work more efficiently.

How to use "Straightening" in context?

There are many different ways to straighten your hair. Each of these ways have their own pros and cons.

straightening hair with a flat iron is the most popular way to do it. Flat irons heat up your hair, causing it to smooth and straight. However, this method is not without its risks. Putting too much heat on your hair can cause it to break, and using an iron that is too hot can also cause burns. Additionally, using a flat iron daily can cause your hair to become less elastic over time, which can lead to hair loss.

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