What is another word for strapless?

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"Strapless" is a term used to describe clothing that does not have any straps. However, there are various synonyms for this word that can be used to describe similar styles. One option is "off-the-shoulder," which refers to clothing that sits across the collarbone without any additional support. Another alternative is "tube," which is often used to describe tops or dresses that simply cover the chest without any straps or sleeves. "Bandeau" is another similar word that describes clothing designed to be worn without straps across the shoulders. When looking for synonyms for "strapless," these terms can be helpful in finding the perfect style for any occasion.

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    When women say they want a 'strapless' dress, what they really mean is a dress with no straps at all - meaning you can't rely on them to keep your dress up. This is because strapless dresses are often made from lightweight materials, such as chiffon or airy floral fabrics, that easily flow down your body. So if your dress gets caught on something - like a fencepost - you'll have a problem.

    But strapless dresses have their benefits. For one, they're more comfortable to wear than dresses with straps.

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