What is another word for street address?

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"Street address" is a commonly used term for the numerical and textual combination that identifies the location of a property in an urban or suburban landscape. However, there are also many synonyms for this term, depending on the context and the intended audience. Some examples include: mailing address, physical address, postal address, house number, street number, street name and number, building address, location address, and even just "address" or "destination." Each of these synonyms may be more appropriate in certain situations, such as navigating through a city street grid, or filling out a package delivery form. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the specific needs and purposes of the user.

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How to use "Street address" in context?

Street addresses are ubiquitous in everyday life. Many people, even those who aren't normally familiar with geography, have a general idea of where a particular street is located in a city, or even a town.

While street addresses are often just standard numerical combinations of numbers and letters, there are a few exceptions. In some cases, a street address may be preceded by a name or another descriptor such as " Suite 600," "Above the Store," or " Behind the Library.

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