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Strikes refer to a work stoppage initiated by employees to force their employer into meeting specified demands. Alternative words and phrases for strikes include industrial action, walkout, work stoppage, walk off, sit-in, boycott, go-slow, stay-at-home, job action, work-to-rule, and labor dispute. A strike is a powerful tool that organized labor can use to demand their rights and push for better working conditions and compensation. Synonyms for strikes are often used interchangeably, and the distinction is more a matter of semantics than substance. Regardless of the terminology, a strike is a clear signal of employee determination and solidarity, and it can have a significant economic impact on the employer and other stakeholders.

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There have been Strikes throughout history. They have ranged from small walkouts to complete work stoppages. There are many reasons for a strike. Some workers may feel that their union has not been effective in negotiating a satisfactory contract and thus choose to take action. Others may feel that their job is too dangerous or miserable to continue working. Still others may believe that the company's policies are unfair and refuse to participate in them. Whatever the reason, strikes can have a powerful impact on both the workers involved and the overall economy.

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