What is another word for strolls?

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Strolling is a leisure activity that involves walking at a relaxed pace. If you're looking for more ways to describe a stroll, there are plenty of synonyms to choose from. Instead of using "stroll," you could use "saunter," which has a more laid-back, carefree connotation. Alternatively, "amble" suggests a slower pace, while "promenade" connotes a stylish, sociable stroll taken in a fashionable setting. "Meander" implies a winding, aimless route, while "mosey" suggests a casual, unhurried pace. Other synonyms for "stroll" include "ramble," "jaunt," "leisurely walk," and "paseo." No matter which word you choose, all of these synonyms help convey a sense of low-key relaxation and enjoyment.

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    When I think of walks, I imagine long, lazy loops around a pretty park or outside of town, taking in the scents of wildflowers and enjoying the gentle sound of a summer breeze. But there are other kinds of walks, too. There are brisker ones, in which you break into a fast walk for a stretch and then slowly jog the rest of the way. There are conversations walks, in which you take your time chatting with friends or neighbors as you walk.

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