What is another word for strong?

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There are various synonyms for the term "strong" that can be used in different situations. Some of these synonyms include powerful, robust, firm, sturdy, resilient, tough, unyielding, hardy, and muscular. Powerful denotes a great deal of strength or the ability to exert force, while robust describes being healthy, hardy, and full of energy. Firm implies being securely fixed in place, while sturdy refers to being physically strong and resistant to damage. Resilient suggests the ability to recover from adversity, while tough describes strong and durable qualities in both physical and mental toughness. Unyielding implies being inflexible or rigid, while hardy suggests being able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Muscular refers to having well-developed muscles or physical strength.

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How to use "Strong" in context?

Strong is a word that many people use without giving it much thought. It is a word that people use often and it is a word that people use to describe themselves. A lot of people think that being strong means being able to physically push themselves to their limits. While that is certainly part of being strong, there are also other aspects to being strong. Being strong means being able to stand up to adversity and be determined in what you do. It means being able to be strong in your convictions and not waver when things get tough. It means being able to stay focused and do what you love despite the obstacles.

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