What is another word for stubbly?

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[ stˈʌbli], [ stˈʌbli], [ s_t_ˈʌ_b_l_i]

Stubbly, which means having a short, rough growth of hair or beard, is a word that can be easily replaced by synonyms that describe the same physical feature. Alternatives to stubbly include bristly, rugged, prickly, scratchy, and spiky. The word bristly emphasizes the rough, wiry, and spiky nature of the hair growth. Rugged also refers to an unkempt appearance, but with an element of toughness. Prickly and scratchy emphasize the irritation that comes with the short hair growth. Spiky is another word that highlights the sharpness and roughness of the hair. Ultimately, these words can all be used to describe someone who has a short, unkempt growth of hair on their face or body.

Synonyms for Stubbly:

How to use "Stubbly" in context?

Stubbly is a word that means "lumpy or bumpy." Stubbly can be used to describe skin, hair, or any other body part.

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