What is another word for stubborn?

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Stubborn is a term used to describe someone who is determined and unwavering in their opinions or actions. Some synonyms for stubborn include headstrong, unyielding, obstinate, and inflexible. These terms all imply a certain level of rigidity and refusal to change course, even in the face of evidence or compelling arguments. Other synonyms for stubborn may include resolute, steadfast, persistent, or persevering. These terms suggest a sense of determination and endurance, rather than simply a refusal to change. Whether viewed positively or negatively, the concept of stubbornness is an important one in human psychology and behavior.

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    Every day, we face decision that require quick thinking, quick action, and quick decision. Sometimes, it can be hard to come to a conclusion when it feels like the decision we are trying to make is stuck in our heads, refusing to budge.

    This is called stubbornness, and it's something that can be really hard to overcome. Everyone faces stubbornness in their own way. Some people are more stubborn than others because they're unwilling to let go of what they want, no matter what.

    Others may be more stubborn because they're unwilling to admit that they might not be able to do something.

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