What is another word for stucco?

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Stucco is a popular building material that is made by mixing cement, sand, and water. However, there are several other names given to stucco, depending on its composition, finish, and application. Some of the most common synonyms for stucco include plaster, render, cement plaster, lime plaster, and gypsum plaster. Each of these terms indicates a slight variation in the texture or purpose of the stucco. For example, plaster is a broader term that includes any coating applied to walls or ceilings, while render refers specifically to a rough exterior finish. Knowing these synonyms can help builders, architects, and homeowners choose the right type of stucco for their project.

How to use "Stucco" in context?

Due to its porous texture and ability to absorb and release moisture, stucco is an ideal surface material for creating facades and other exterior walls. Stucco is composed of heavy Portland cement, sand, and a small amount of water. After being mixed, the stucco is applied to the surface by a wet layering technique. Excess water is removed from the mixture with a hopper or scraper and the surface is then sanded. Once the surface is dry, a coat of stucco is applied, followed by a coat of hard plaster.

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