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The word 'studied' can be replaced by several synonyms. For instance, 'researched' can be used to suggest an extensive period of reading, investigation, and analysis. 'Examined' is another possible synonym, referring to the process of reviewing, investigating, and inspecting something in detail. Alternatively, 'explored' can be used in a sense that implies learning through direct experience or observation. 'Analyzed' can also be used, meaning the process of breaking down something into its component parts and examining them closely. 'Reviewed,' 'scrutinized,' 'investigated,' and 'delved into' are other synonyms that convey the same meaning. Using these synonyms can help speakers and writers avoid repetition and enhance the clarity and richness of their vocabulary.

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When it comes to education, there are plenty of things that students have to keep in mind. Whether they are pursuing a degree at a collegiate level or continuing education courses to stay current, studying can take up a substantial amount of time. In fact, many students put in upwards of 15 or more hours a week studying. However, there are a few things that students can do to make their education more efficient. One of the most important things that students can do is to establish a study routine. Creating a specific plan and sticking to it will help to set expectations for how much time each day and each week they will be spending studying.

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