What is another word for subside?

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There are several synonyms for the word "subside" that refer to the process of something gradually calming down or decreasing in intensity. "Abate" is one, and it refers to something becoming less intense or decreasing in amount. "Ebb" refers to something gradually declining or fading away, such as the tide receding. "Diminish" means to make or become less, so it can be used to describe the process of something slowly fading away or becoming less prominent. "Recede" refers to something moving back or withdrawing, as in how floodwaters may recede after a storm. "Soothe" can also be a synonym for "subside," as it implies a calming or easing of tension or discomfort.

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How to use "Subside" in context?

Subside - to go down or away, especially in intensity or volume

subsiding - (1) gradually declining in intensity or volume (2) gradually disappearing or disappearing without a trace; vanished

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