What is another word for Succoth?

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Succoth is a biblical term, commonly used in the Old Testament, referring to a type of shelter or booth. This temporary structure is typically made of branches, leaves, and other organic materials and was used by Israelites during the harvest season. In modern times, the term Sukkot is more commonly used. However, there are many synonyms for Sukkot, including Feast of Booths, Festival of Ingathering, and Feast of Tabernacles. Each of these synonyms highlights a specific aspect of the holiday, such as the communal gathering, the agricultural significance, or the religious significance. Whatever the name, Sukkot remains an important holiday in Jewish tradition, celebrated each fall with the building and sharing of Sukkot.

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    Succoth is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the plucking of the fruit of the palm tree. The festival is observed four days before Passover.

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