What is another word for sulfide?

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Sulfides are a group of inorganic compounds containing sulfur atoms bonded to metal or nonmetal ions. Synonyms for sulfide include sulfuret, sulphide, and thiosalt, which are commonly used interchangeably. These compounds are formed through chemical reactions that involve the combination of sulfur and other elements, which may result in the release of hydrogen sulfide gas. The formation of sulfides can have significant industrial and environmental implications. Additionally, sulfides are often found in rocks and minerals, and their detection can help identify new mineral deposits. Understanding the synonyms for sulfide is essential in scientific research, chemical engineering, geology, and many other fields.

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    How to use "Sulfide" in context?

    Sulfides react with acids to produce sulfuric acid and a metal sulfide. The metal sulfide is insoluble in water and other liquids but soluble in oils.

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