What is another word for sum up?

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The phrase "sum up" means to give a brief overview of something or to provide a conclusion. Some synonyms for "sum up" include "recap", "summarize", "conclude", "synthesize", "summarily", "boil down", "outline", "restate", and "summarize briefly". Using these words can help one express their thoughts more effectively and efficiently. Whether giving a speech, writing an essay, or leading a meeting, it's important to be able to concisely convey the key points. By using different synonyms for "sum up", one can avoid repetition and add variety to their language.

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How to use "Sum up" in context?

We all use summation, whether consciously or not. It's the simple addition of two, three, or more numbers and the resulting figure that provides us with the total. The word may come from the Latin summa, meaning "the whole," but summation is used in all sorts of situations, from making a grocery list to calculating taxes. Here are five examples of when summation is useful:

1. When making a grocery list: If you have thirty items in your cart, but you only have enough money to buy twenty, you can use summation to figure out the final purchase: thirty + twenty = fifty.

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