What is another word for superpower?

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When we hear the word "superpower," we typically think of countries with immense military and economic strength, such as the United States, China, and Russia. However, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe countries with significant global influence. Some alternative words include hegemon, dominant power, global leader, great power, super-state, major power, and world power. Each of these words conveys a similar idea of a nation with extensive influence and control over global affairs. While the term "superpower" may be the most commonly used descriptor, there are many other ways to convey the same meaning.

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How to use "Superpower" in context?

Superpowers are abilities that some people have that raise them above the average person. Some people are born with superpowers, and some develop them through training or experience. Superpowers can come in many different forms and can affect different areas of life. Some people use their superpowers to help them solve problems, while others use them for entertainment or to impress others. Regardless of why someone has a superpower, they are special and hold a unique set of abilities.

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