What is another word for Swale?

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Swale is a term used to refer to a low-lying area of land, especially one that is often wet or marshy. Other synonyms that can be used to refer to a swale are depression, hollow, dale, glen, or vale. A swale can also be called a trough, basin, or valley, depending on the context it is used. The word swale is often used in environmental science to describe a type of vegetated depression that is used for stormwater management and erosion control. In this context, it can also be referred to as a bioswale or a rain garden. Regardless of the term used to refer to it, a swale remains an essential feature in the natural landscape.

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How to use "Swale" in context?

Swale is a landscape style in landscape architecture or horticulture, characterized by a low gradient in the degree of slope between adjacent edges of the field. Where the adjacent field edges meet, the gradient is generally very small, typically less than 1 in 10.

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