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Swaziland, a landlocked country in Southern Africa, is officially known as the Kingdom of Eswatini. It was renamed by the king in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its independence from Great Britain. Eswatini means "land of the Swazis," the dominant ethnic group in the country. Swaziland is also commonly referred to as Ngwane or Swatini. The country is known for its natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and vibrant culture. Other synonyms for Swaziland are "Swazi," "The Kingdom," and "Southern Africa's Smallest Country." Regardless of its name, Swaziland remains a unique and captivating destination for travelers seeking adventure and cultural experiences.

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    Swaziland, officially the Kingdom of Swaziland, is a sovereign nation in Southern Africa. It is surrounded by Mozambique to the northeast, Argentina and Brazil to the south, and South Africa to the west and north. The predominant religion in Swaziland is Christianity, with a population of approximately 1.3 million people. Swaziland is a prosperous country with a per capita income of $11,700 and a population of just over 1 million people. Swaziland is considered to be a emerging economy with a high standard of living.

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