What is another word for Swindling?

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Swindling is a serious crime that involves cheating someone by using deceitful means. Some synonyms for swindling include defrauding, duping, bilking, conning, tricking, hoodwinking, fleecing, and scamming. These words are often used interchangeably to describe unlawful acts that individuals or organizations engage in to obtain someone's money or property through dishonesty. Swindlers use various tactics to deceive their victims, including false promises, fake identities, or fake investments. They prey on people's trust and vulnerability to commit fraud. It is essential to be aware of this type of criminal activity to protect oneself from falling victim to swindling.

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How to use "Swindling" in context?

The word "Swindling" can mean to cheat or deceive someone, particularly by dishonestly taking advantage of them. Swindling can involve a wide range of activities, from conning someone out of their money to swiping their phone without permission.

In many cases, Swindling is carried out by people who know the victim well and have access to their personal information. This type of scam is often called a "social engineering" attack because the perpetrator can often get their victim to do things they would never do in a normal setting.

Swindling can have serious consequences for the victim.

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