What is another word for Swiped?

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[ swˈa͡ɪpt], [ swˈa‍ɪpt], [ s_w_ˈaɪ_p_t]

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    Synonyms for Swiped:

    How to use "Swiped" in context?

    After a night of heavy drinking, 21-year-old Noel moved pawned some of his possessions outside of his apartment to make more room. When he awoke the next morning, his iPhone 6 was gone.

    Noel immediately began to panic, fearing that he had been robbed. Fortunately, he had recently installed a new security feature on his phone called "Find My Phone" which allowed him to remotely track the location of his device.

    Within minutes of filing a police report, Noel's phone was located on a nearby rooftop. The mysterious thief had simply lifted it from where he had placed it the night before and walked away.

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