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Swish is a versatile verb that can be used to describe a variety of actions. It can be used to describe the sound of something moving quickly through the air, such as the swish of a basketball net or the swish of a broom sweeping the floor. Other synonyms for swish include swoosh, whoosh, rustle, and flutter. These words all convey a sense of movement and speed, and are often used to describe the sound of wind, water, or other natural forces. In addition to these more traditional synonyms, swish can also be used as a slang term to describe something that is stylish, fashionable, or trendy, such as a swish haircut or outfit.

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When most people think of sex, they probably imagine something involving a lot of thrusting and sweaty bodies. But unless you're into kinky sex, there's another kind of sex that can be just as satisfying - and it's called swish.

In swish, partners use the bed sheets to create a Bounce House-style experience, using their bodies to create waves and create a more intense feeling. "If somebody is skillful and makes the bed bounce, it's actually pretty good," says Carlee Ranger, sex educator and author of "You're So Sexy!: A Guide to Turning On and Off All cylinders in Bed.

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