What is another word for Tabes Dorsalis?

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[ tˈe͡ɪbz dɔːsˈɑːliz], [ tˈe‍ɪbz dɔːsˈɑːliz], [ t_ˈeɪ_b_z d_ɔː_s_ˈɑː_l_i_z]

How to use "Tabes dorsalis" in context?

What is TABES DPS?

TABES DPS is a Latin acronym that stands for Transverse Axial Bitewing Eversion Syndrome. It is a type ofinflammatory disorder that creates pain and redness on one or both sides of the back.

TABES DPS typically affects people between the ages of 30 and 50, although it can occur at any age. It is more common in women than men, and it is more common in people who are obese or have a high BMI.

The cause of TABES DPS is unknown, but it is thought to be caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

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