What is another word for tabis?

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[ tˈabɪs], [ tˈabɪs], [ t_ˈa_b_ɪ_s]

Tabis is a word that is commonly used in the Filipino language, and it refers to the traditional footwear made of woven grass or straw. There are several other words that are used as synonyms for tabis, such as alpombra, bakya, and tsinelas. Alpombra refers to a type of low-cut shoe that is made of woven fabric, while bakya refers to wooden clogs that are commonly used in rural areas. Tsinelas, on the other hand, is a term that refers to flip-flops or sandals, which are typically made of rubber or foam. Whatever the term may be, these footwear options are ubiquitous throughout the Philippines and are an essential part of everyday life.

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How to use "Tabis" in context?

Tabis are traditional headdresses worn by women in Indonesia and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. The word "tabis" can be translated to "veil", "masquerade ball mask", or simply "headdress". The tabis typically consists of a cloth veil that is worn over the head and hangs down the back. The veil is often decorated with colorful fringe, a tiara, or a jeweled veil clip. The tabis is usually paired with a fabric cover called a jilbab, which is worn over the top of the veil.

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