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[ tˈak], [ tˈak], [ t_ˈa_k]

Tac can refer to a small taste or a hint of something, or it can mean a delicate, refined action or manner. There are many synonyms for this word, including: 1. Hint 2. Pinch 3. Nip 4. Smidgen 5. Dab 6. Tincture 7. Dash 8. Whiff 9. Smell 10. Suggestion In terms of actions or mannerisms, Tac could be replaced with words such as grace, elegance, poise, finesse, or subtlety. These synonyms all convey a sense of delicacy, refinement, or sophistication, and could be used to describe anything from a dance or movement to a conversation or social interaction.

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The Taco is a food item that originated in Mexico. The taco is a folded and filled corn or flour tortilla, generally seasoned with salt, chili pepper and olive oil. The earliest known mention of the taco is in a 17th century manuscript written by Fray Bernardino de Sahagún, a Franciscan friar and historian who travelled through Mexico and Central America.

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