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Tachyglossus is a scientific name that refers to a mammalian animal commonly known as echidna or spiny anteater. Although it's a unique name, there are several synonyms for tachyglossus. Among the commonly used synonyms are the spiny echidna and the short-beaked echidna. These names accurately describe the physical characteristics of the animal, which is covered in spines and has a short beak. Other synonyms include the Western Australian anteater, the Australian hedgehog, and the New Guinea porcupine. In some languages, the animal is referred to as a "needle animal" or a "spike animal," referencing its spiny appearance. Regardless of what it's called, the tachyglossus is a fascinating and unique animal.

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Tachyglossus is an ancient genus of dwarf elephant-like mammals that lived during the Miocene epoch. These creatures were about the size of a house cat and had a long tail. Fossils of these creatures have been found in Africa and South America.

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