What is another word for tachymeter?

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[ tˈaka͡ɪmtə], [ tˈaka‍ɪmtə], [ t_ˈa_k_aɪ_m_t_ə]

A tachymeter is a device used to measure speed or distance based on time. Some synonyms for tachymeter include chronometer, stopwatch, speedometer, odometer, pedometer, and metronome. Chronometer is often used in marine and aviation applications, while a stopwatch is typically used in athletics and sports. Speedometer and odometer are frequently found in automobiles and other vehicles, while a pedometer is used to track steps and distance traveled by foot. Lastly, a metronome is typically used in music to keep time and maintain a consistent tempo. Each of these synonyms has a unique use case and can be utilized for different types of measurement purposes.

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    How to use "Tachymeter" in context?

    Tachymeter is a measure traditionally used in speed skating to calculate a skater's speed over a certain distance. With tachymeter readings in feet per second, a skater can compute their speed over a race course or track by dividing the time it takes to travel a certain distance by the speed in feet per second.

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