What is another word for tad?

Pronunciation: [tˈad] (IPA)

Tad is a colloquial term that means "a small amount." It can be used interchangeably with several synonyms such as bit, smidgen, iota, touch, dash, hint, sliver, or shred. These synonyms are useful in adding color to a sentence or expressing a more precise amount. For instance, instead of using the word tad, one can write, "Add a smidgen of salt to the soup," or "He only gave a hint of a smile." Tad is commonly used in everyday language, but substituting it with another synonym can give your writing a unique and more expressive voice.

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    • Noun, singular or mass

What are the hypernyms for Tad?

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What are the opposite words for tad?

The word "tad" is often used as a colloquialism to refer to a small or slight amount of something. Some antonyms for "tad" include vast, considerable, plentiful, abundant, substantial, copious, and profuse. These words indicate a large or significant quantity of something, which is the opposite of a "tad". Other antonyms for "tad" include massive, immense, enormous, gigantic, and colossal, which imply size or magnitude. Using antonyms for "tad" can add variety and precision to our language, allowing us to express ourselves more clearly and effectively.

Usage examples for Tad

I'll fix you for that, tad Perkins!
"At Good Old Siwash"
George Fitch
And I glanced again at this super-tad,-as unlike her ultimate development as the grub is unlike the beetle,-and one of us exclaimed, "It is the same, or nearly, but more delicate, more beautiful; it must be Guinevere."
"Edge of the Jungle"
William Beebe
Then noticing his companion's surprise at his making such a speech, he added: "tad!"
"Ten Boys from History"
Kate Dickinson Sweetser

Famous quotes with Tad

  • Christopher Wren, the leading architect of London's reconstruction after the great fire of 1666, lies buried beneath the floor of his most famous building, St. Paul's cathedral. No elaborate sarcophagus adorns the site. Instead, we find only the famous epitaph written by his son and now inscribed into the floor: “”—if you are searching for his monument, look around. A tad grandiose, perhaps, but I have never read a finer testimony to the central importance—one might even say sacredness — of actual places, rather than replicas, symbols, or other forms of vicarious resemblance.
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • Gylfie felt that the moment was right. "You are the last owl in the world that I would ever say lacked humility, 12-8. You are for my friend and myself a perfect example of humility. You are beyond humbleness! You are ..." Gylfie was madly searching for a word. Soren couldn't imagine. He had never seen such a demonstration of outrageous fawning. "You are ." 12-8 blinked at the word as did Soren, who had no idea what meant. "We, my friend and I, only wish that we could serve in the eggorium and thus attain such humbleness as yourself." "Your words are kind, 25-2. I shall hope that they might encourage me in my continuing quest for humility while in service to a great cause." She wandered off looking a tad more moon blinked than before, if that was possible. "What in Glaux's name is subglaucious?" Soran said as soon as she was out of earshot. "No idea. I made it up."
    Kathryn Lasky

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