What is another word for Tadpoles?

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Tadpoles are the aquatic larval stage of frogs, and though they're a fascinating sight to see, it's always fun to mix it up and use some synonyms to describe these little amphibians. Some options include Pollywogs, spawn, fry, wigglers, and sprats. Some of these synonyms are regional in nature such as Pollywogs, which is more common in the United States. Spawn is another term that is commonly used to describe the eggs of amphibians and fishes. Nevertheless, whichever word you choose, the wiggly, wriggling tadpoles will remain one of the most interesting and fun creatures to watch and learn about.

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    Tadpoles belong to a group of vertebrates called aquatic electors. The tadpole is a small but fast-moving animal that inhabits rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and even the ocean. Tadpoles transform into adult amphibians as they grow into frogs and toads.

    The tadpole's life consists of four stages: the egg, the tadpole, the juvenile, and the adult. Each stage of the tadpole's life has important survival habits and needs.

    The tadpole's egg is a soft, gelatinous mass that is about the size of a small hen's egg.

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