What is another word for tailoring?

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Tailoring refers to the art of creating custom-fit clothing, and it's essential for anyone who wants to look their best. However, there are several synonyms for tailoring that can be used to describe this process. One such synonym is "alteration," which refers to making changes to an existing piece of clothing to fit the wearer better. Another synonym is "sewing," which refers to the act of creating clothing from scratch. A third synonym is "dressing," which can refer to the process of selecting clothing that fits well and flatters the body. Ultimately, tailoring is an important skill for anyone who wants to look their best, and there are plenty of synonyms that can be used to describe this process.

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Tailoring is the art of making a garment to fit a person's body specifically. Tailors use many measurements to create a perfect fit. They may take head circumference, neck size, bust size, and waist size to create the best overall fit. To tailor a garment, the tailor will also need to know the fabric and construction of the garment. Tailors also need to be familiar with the sewing techniques and tools necessary to properly crafts a distinctive tailored garment.

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