What is another word for Taintless?

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[ tˈe͡ɪntləs], [ tˈe‍ɪntləs], [ t_ˈeɪ_n_t_l_ə_s]

Taintless is a word that means free from any kind of impurity or defect. There are several other words that can be used synonymously with taintless such as immaculate, pure, pristine, unblemished, and flawless. All these words convey the idea of being free from any kind of blemish or stain. Immaculate suggests complete cleanliness and unspotted purity. Pure refers to something that is totally free from any impurities. Pristine denotes something that has been preserved in its original state or condition. Unblemished describes something that is completely untainted or without any flaws. And lastly, flawless refers to something that is perfect and without any errors.

Synonyms for Taintless:

How to use "Taintless" in context?

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