What is another word for tape transport?

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[ tˈe͡ɪp tɹˈanspɔːt], [ tˈe‍ɪp tɹˈanspɔːt], [ t_ˈeɪ_p t_ɹ_ˈa_n_s_p_ɔː_t]

Synonyms for Tape transport:

How to use "Tape transport" in context?

The transportation of tape can present unique problems. For one, tape can be very difficult to move because it is often bulky and heavy. Additionally, tape can frequently become tangled, making it difficult to move and requiring a great deal of effort to free it. The last issue with tape transport is that it is often susceptible to damage. This can be caused by things like sharp edges on the tape transport or collisions with other objects. All of these factors can lead to ruined tapes and increased costs.

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