What is another word for tar?

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Tar is a sticky black substance derived from wood or coal and used in a variety of ways. Some synonyms for tar include pitch, asphalt, and bitumen. Pitch is thicker than tar and commonly used for waterproofing purposes, while asphalt is a petroleum-based material often used for road paving. Bitumen is a naturally occurring substance similar to tar and is commonly used in the production of asphalt. Other synonyms for tar include resin, gum, and rosin. Resin is a substance secreted by trees, while gum is a sticky substance produced by certain plants. Rosin is a solid form of resin and is commonly used in violin bows.

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    Tar is a thick, black, sticky substance most commonly used as a sealant for roofs and other surfaces. Tar can also be used as a medium for painting and as a tool for creating plastic objects.

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