What is another word for tattling?

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When it comes to describing telling on someone, there are plenty of synonyms for the word "tattling." Some common phrases include "ratting someone out," "snitching," "reporting," or even just plain "telling." Other less common terms might include "finking," "squawking," or "blabbing." Although the exact word or phrase used might depend on the context and the severity of the situation, the underlying message is usually the same: someone is sharing information about another person's actions or behaviors, often with the intention of getting them in trouble or causing harm. Regardless of the words used, most people agree that tattling is generally not a positive behavior, and in fact can often lead to negative consequences for all parties involved.

Synonyms for Tattling:

How to use "Tattling" in context?

Tattling is the act of relaying information to others about something that has happened, in order to prevent it from happening again or to celebrate when it does. It can also be the sharing of personal information, usually negative, with others in order to either harm that person or create a feeling of betrayal. The definition can also be extended to the act of tattling on someone else for a crime they have not committed. The term has been used in a variety of contexts, from family and social circles to law enforcement and the military.

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