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Tax is a term that refers to a monetary payment levied on income, goods, or services which are used to finance the government's operations and public services. There are several synonyms for the word tax, including levy, duty, assessment, charge, contribution, excise, custom, tariff, and toll. The word levy usually refers to a tax on income, property, or goods. Duty and assessment are used to describe taxes on imported goods or property. Charge, contribution, and excise are terms for taxes on goods and services. Custom and tariff are taxes on imported products, while toll is a tax on using a particular route or service. Knowing these synonyms enables one to communicate effectively about taxation.

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    Tax is a fee assessed on the income derived from natural resources and other economic activities. Taxation is typically voluntary, meaning the incomes of taxpayers are not directly affected by tax laws. Taxation allows societies to pay for public goods and services, and to fund the welfare state.

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