What is another word for teetotum?

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[ tˈiːtɒtəm], [ tˈiːtɒtəm], [ t_ˈiː_t_ɒ_t_ə_m]

Teetotum is a unique word that may not be commonly used in everyday conversations. However, there are synonyms that can be used in its place to convey the same meaning. One such synonym is a spinning top, which refers to a toy that can be spun around on its axis. Another synonym is a dreidel, which is a similar toy used in Jewish culture. A gyroscope is also another synonym for teetotum, which is a scientific instrument that spins on its axis and maintains a constant orientation. Lastly, a whirligig is another synonym for teetotum that refers to a spinning device used for amusement or decoration.

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    How to use "Teetotum" in context?

    Thetymology and etymology of the word "teetotum" are still unknown. However, it could be derived from the words "teetotum", meaning "a droplet from the mouth", and "tum", meaning "a kind of swelling". The first documented use of the word "teetotum" was in 1693. It was first used to describe a drunken man who was staggering and making odd movements.

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