What is another word for tellingly?

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[ tˈɛlɪŋlɪ], [ tˈɛlɪŋlɪ], [ t_ˈɛ_l_ɪ_ŋ_l_ɪ]

Tellingly is an adverb that is used to describe something that reveals or expresses something significant. It can be substituted with a number of synonyms such as significantly, revealingly, indicatively, pointedly, suggestively, significantly, meaningfully, expressively, prominently, or strikingly. Each of these words emphasizes a different type of expression or revelation. For instance, revealingly implies that a secret is being uncovered, while suggestively implies a hint or insinuation is being made. Overall, tellingly and its synonyms are useful in helping writers add depth, nuance and variety to their texts by using varied and expressive language.

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    How to use "Tellingly" in context?

    The word "tellingly" is defined as "characteristically testifying to the fact that some event or circumstance occurred." TheOxfordDictionaries.com defines tellingly as " testifying to the occurrence of something; suggesting its presence or evidence." What does this mean when it comes to words? The Oxford Dictionary cites an example of when "the use of tellingly might refer to the fact that a particular item was out of place, signaling to the listener that something was amiss."

    Tellingly is often used in writing to indicate the presence of something outside of the text itself.

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