What is another word for temperate?

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Temperate is a word that describes a balance or moderation in one's behavior or climate conditions. Synonyms for the word include mild, gentle, moderate, and restrained. These terms convey a sense of being calm, steady, and reasonable, without extremes in any direction. Other possible synonyms for temperate could include measured, balanced, controlled, or even-keeled. The word is often used to describe the weather in areas with a moderate climate, but it can also be applied to human emotions and behaviors. Someone with a temperate personality might be described as level-headed or reasonable, while someone with a temperate climate might have relatively stable temperatures throughout the year.

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    Temperate climates are those that lie in the middle of the Earth's two hemispheres, between the Arctic and the Antarctic. They are typically much warmer than either of those extremes, and tend to have more moderate winters and summers.

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