What is another word for tendril?

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Tendril is a botanical term that refers to a thin, spiraled extension of a plant stem or leaf that helps it climb or coil around other objects for support. Synonyms for tendril include vine, sprout, runner, stem, shoot, and twine. Vines are long, slender tendril-bearing plants that grow across walls or around tree trunks. Sprouts are young, tender tendrils that emerge from the ground to reach for sunlight. Runners are elongated tendrils that spread out horizontally from the base of a plant. Shoots are young, green, and flexible tendrils that grow up towards sunlight. Stems are cylindrical, woody, and sometimes thorny tendrils that provide structural support. Twine is a thin, string-like tendril that wraps itself tightly around objects for support.

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    The tendril is a fascinating, primitive structure found in single cells and some multicellular plants, such as ferns. Tendrils typically have a stalk or main shaft, or stem, and a number of shorter, thinner branches or tendrils. The tendril stalk may be sturdy or flexible, and its branches may be coiled or unsprung.

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