What is another word for tenuous?

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Tenuous is an adjective that refers to something that is weak, delicate, or flimsy. Some synonyms for tenuous include fragile, uncertain, uncertainly, unstable, tentative, precarious, feeble, thin, insubstantial, and attenuated. All of these words imply a lack of strength or stability, and could be used to describe a variety of situations or objects. For example, a tenuous relationship may be one that is strained or uncertain, while a tenuous bridge may be one that is wobbly or unstable. Regardless of the context, when you use a synonym for tenuous, you're implying that something is fragile or unsteady, and may be in danger of collapsing or falling apart.

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    Tenuous is a word that means "touching the brink of safety." It could be applied to a situation in which something is very close to falling apart but manages to hang on for a while. It's also an adjective meaning "wire bracing barely strong enough to hold up a building," "a precarious position," or "a shaky coalition." In the political world, tenuous refers to a situation in which there is a lot of potential for collapse, but ultimately it remains stable.

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