What is another word for tetched?

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[ tˈɛt͡ʃt], [ tˈɛt‍ʃt], [ t_ˈɛ_tʃ_t]

The word "tetched" refers to someone who is irrational, eccentric or slightly crazy. There are many synonyms for this term that can be used to describe a person who appears to be mentally unbalanced. Some popular synonyms for "tetched" include unhinged, deranged, nuts, batty, loony, insane, lunatic, wacky, bonkers, and cuckoo. Each of these words can convey a different shade of meaning and may be more or less appropriate depending on the context. Regardless of the specific synonym chosen, the common thread is that each term describes someone who is somewhat unbalanced or unstable in their behavior or thinking.

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    How to use "Tetched" in context?

    Tetched has always been a word that conjures up images of forest-green eyes and long, blond hair. It was first used in the late 1500s by a group of French settlers in North America. The settlers were given the name tetched, meaning "four-footed," because of the dogs that followed them across the continent.

    The word tetched has been used in the English language to describe someone who is quick-witted and playful. Some people use the term to describe people who are always up for a good time. Others use the term to describe people who are resourceful and can come up with ingenious solutions to problems.

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