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The word "that" is one that is frequently used in English language, but it can become repetitive and dull in writing or speech. To convey the same meaning in a more engaging manner, there are many synonyms that can be used interchangeably with "that". For example, words like "this", "those", "such", "these", and "the" could be used depending on the context to replace the word "that". Other synonyms for "that" includes "those things," "such objects," "such articles," "those specific aspects," "the aforesaid," among others. Using synonyms makes language sound more diverse, and the choice of words reflects one's creativity as a writer or a speaker.

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How to use "That" in context?

"That" is an adverb meaning "in regards to what", "as to what", or "for what reason". It typically is used to introduce a clause that discusses something associated with the previous clause. The most common uses are in questions and as an answer to a question.

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