What is another word for the fuzz?

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[ ðə fˈʌz], [ ðə fˈʌz], [ ð_ə f_ˈʌ_z]

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Synonyms for The fuzz:

How to use "The fuzz" in context?

The fuzz refers to an irritating sound that is often heard when a piece of audio equipment is being worked on. The sound is caused by mechanical vibrations that create noise. It can be problematic when trying to listen to the audio in peace, as it can be difficult to concentrate.

The fuzz can also be heard when equipment is being used incorrectly. When this happens, the vibrations are amplified and cause the fuzz sound. improper use of microphones, guitars amplifiers and more can all create the fuzz sound.

In the audio world, the fuzz is often associated with the sound of an electric guitar.

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