What is another word for the National League?

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There are various synonyms for the term "the National League." This term can refer to a particular league in different sports, including Major League Baseball, English Football League, and American Football League. Alternatives for the National League include the NL, Big Nine, American League (AL), Major League Soccer (MLS), and Superliga. In baseball, the National League is one of the oldest professional leagues and comprises 15 teams while the American League has 15 teams. In soccer, the National League took the name after the adoption of a new league format, while the Superliga is a reference to the Liga MX tournament in Mexico. Whatever the sport, the National League remains an exciting competition for teams and spectators.

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    How to use "The national league" in context?

    The National League is one of the two major professional baseball leagues in the United States and Canada. The National League has 30 clubs, each of which is a member of the league's two divisions, the American and National. The National League was organized on April 26, 1884, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The American Association, which had been organized in 1882, merged with the National League on August 14, 1892. The National League has won 26 league championships, second only to the American League.

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