What is another word for theistic?

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The word "theistic" refers to the belief in the existence of one or more gods or deities. There are a number of synonyms for this term that are often used interchangeably, including "theistical," "godly," "divine," "religious," and "spiritual." These words all imply a sense of devotion or reverence to a higher power or divinity. Other synonyms include "monotheistic," "polytheistic," and "pantheistic," which all describe specific belief systems regarding the nature and number of gods. Whether used to describe a specific religious belief or a more general spiritual inclination, synonyms for theistic all convey a sense of faith and belief in something greater than oneself.

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    How to use "Theistic" in context?

    Theism is a worldview which takes the existence of deities as a fact. It is the belief that some sort of deity or deities exists and can be investigated through reason and observation. Theism also refers to a religious or spiritual path which emphasizes this belief.

    There is no one agreed definition of theism, though most would consider it to be a belief in one or more deities. It can encompass a wide range of religious beliefs and practices, from the belief that all existence is ultimately part of a divine creator to the more extreme belief that deities exist in every atom and molecule of the universe.

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