What is another word for three-dog night?

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[ θɹˈiːdˈɒɡ nˈa͡ɪt], [ θɹˈiːdˈɒɡ nˈa‍ɪt], [ θ_ɹ_ˈiː_d_ˈɒ_ɡ n_ˈaɪ_t]

Three-dog night is an old colloquial term that refers to a chilly night so cold, that to keep warm, one would need to cuddle up with three dogs. Some synonyms for the expression "three-dog night" are bone-chilling, freezing, icy, and bitter-cold. These terms are suitable for harsh weather conditions when the temperature drops below freezing point. Other synonyms include frosty, arctic, and glacial. As the expression suggests, the night is so freezing that three dogs would be needed to provide enough warmth to fight off the cold. Whatever the term used, it confirms the idea that the temperature outside is beyond cold and probably unbearable.

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    Three Dog Night is an American rock band formed in 1967 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The group consisted of vocalist/guitarist John Fogerty, vocalist/bassist Dewey Martin, and drummer Russ Kunkel. Kunkel left the group in 1971, and was replaced by Dennis Flemming. In 1975, Kunkel returned to the band and they released their final album, Evenflow, in 1977. After releasing three unsuccessful albums with Flemming, the band disbanded in 1982. Fogerty and Martin reunited in 1992 and released a self-titled album.

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