What is another word for through?

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Through is a common English word with different meanings, including "by way of," "via," "during," "across," "by means of," "within," and "completed." Other synonyms of through include "along," "past," "via," "by the agency of," and "directly to the end." These synonyms provide more versatile options to express the intended sense. For instance, instead of using the word through, one can say "during" to refer to something happening within a specified time, or "via" to indicate traveling by a specific route or means. To enhance clarity and variety in writing, using the appropriate synonym for through is crucial.

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How to use "Through" in context?

Though many English words refer to objects or people, there is only one word that means both. "through" is the only word that can refer to both the act of passing through an opening or space, and the sensation of passing through something. This versatile word is often used in idiomatic expressions, such as through Princeton, being through college, and being through with a project.

Though it can be used in many contexts, through is most commonly associated with travel. For example, when referring to a journey through a country or region, one might say they've been through France.

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