What is another word for thumbs-ups?

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[ θˈʌmzˈʌps], [ θˈʌmzˈʌps], [ θ_ˈʌ_m_z_ˈʌ_p_s]

Thumbs-ups are universally recognized as a gesture of approval or agreement, but there are several other synonyms that can be used instead of this popular phrase. Some alternatives that convey similar meanings include "okay," "good job," "well done," "bravo," "excellent," "awesome," "fantastic," "admirable," "commendable," and "commendable performance." These synonyms can be used in a variety of situations, from congratulating someone on a job well done to expressing agreement with a statement or decision. By using different synonyms for thumbs-ups, we can add variety to our language and convey our approval or agreement in different ways.

How to use "Thumbs-ups" in context?

Thumbs-ups, how we use them, what they mean and why we say "thumbs-up"

The use and meaning of thumbs-ups has become pervasive in modern society. The gesture, typically used as a sign of approval, is often seen as an innocuous way to show support. But what is the history of thumbs-ups?

Thumbs-ups have their roots in the military. During World War II, the American military adopted the sign to indicate that a soldier was OK. Shortly thereafter, it spread to civilian life.

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