What is another word for thwartwise?

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[ θwˈɔːtwa͡ɪz], [ θwˈɔːtwa‍ɪz], [ θ_w_ˈɔː_t_w_aɪ_z]

The word "thwartwise" is rare and rarely used, so finding synonyms can be a bit of a challenge. However, some words that can be used in place of "thwartwise" include "crossways," "transverse," "sideways," and "perpendicular." Each of these words refers to something that is positioned at a right angle to something else. "Crossways" and "sideways" suggest a horizontal orientation, while "transverse" and "perpendicular" can also apply to a vertical relationship. Other words that could be substituted for "thwartwise" include "across," "crosswise," "athwart," and "oblique." While these words may not be commonly used, they offer more colorful alternatives to the more predictable terms typically used to describe a crosswise or transverse orientation.

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How to use "Thwartwise" in context?

Wise use of preemptive measures is thwartwise. It's the smart way to deal with potential problems, before they become a reality. By proactively addressing issues beforehand, you can head them off at the pass. This is a common strategy employed in business, in personal life, and in the political arena. By planning for potential obstacles, you can avoid costly consequences and potential missteps. A shrewd approach is always a sound move.

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