What is another word for tinct?

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The word "tinct" refers to a tint or coloration of something. Some synonyms for "tinct" include hue, shade, tint, color, and pigment. These words all refer to the visual appearance of something. "Hue" and "shade" are often used to describe colors in nature, while "tint" and "color" are used to describe custom mixed colors in liquid or powder form. "Pigment" is a more specific term used to describe the substance that imparts color to something. Overall, these synonyms for "tinct" can help to convey different shades and variations of color in writing and conversation.

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Usage examples for Tinct

As his personages act upon principles arising from genuine passion, very little modified by particular forms, their pleasures and vexations are communicable to all times and to all places; they are natural, and therefore durable; the adventitious peculiarities of personal habits are only superficial dies, bright and pleasing for a little while, yet soon fading to a dim tinct, without any remains of former lustre; but the discriminations of true passion are the colours of nature; they pervade the whole mass, and can only perish with the body that exhibits them.
"Eighteenth Century Essays on Shakespeare"
D. Nichol Smith
To planets bland with dales of dream A tranquil life is leading us, We shall land from the languid stream, The musing shades, unheeding us, Will share their veils of angelhood, Thoughts that are tranced with mystic food, Still broodings tinct with a seraph's blood.
"Lundy's Lane and Other Poems"
Duncan Campbell Scott
As the medicine I had hitherto prescribed for her in such aliments had been wonderfully blessed, I directed Mrs. Tonic to bring my saddle-bags, from which having prepared a somewhat smart dose of tinct.
"The Portland Sketch Book"

Famous quotes with Tinct

  • And lucent syrops, tinct with cinnamon.
    John Keats

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