What is another word for tintamarre?

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[ tˈɪntɐmˌɑː], [ tˈɪntɐmˌɑː], [ t_ˈɪ_n_t_ɐ_m_ˌɑː]

Tintamarre is a French word meaning a loud, confusing noise or uproar. It can also refer to a noisy celebration or demonstration. Synonyms for tintamarre include pandemonium, commotion, chaos, hubbub, clamor, racket, uproar, and bedlam. Tintamarre is often associated with carnival or Mardi Gras celebrations, where crowds parade through the streets making a lot of noise and wearing colorful costumes. It is also used to describe a political protest or demonstration that is loud and disorganized. Whatever the case may be, tintamarre is a great word to describe any situation where there is a lot of noise and chaos.

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    The word "tintamarre" is French for "spectacle of color." A tintamarre is a colorful, often riotous, performance that often features numerous performers on stage. The earliest tintamarre traditions were associated with carnival celebrations in Renaissance Italy, and they subsequently found their way to numerous other parts of Europe.

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