What is another word for tipoff?

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Tipoff is a term used to describe the beginning of a sports game, but it can also refer to a cue or signal that provides information. Synonyms for tipoff include clue, hint, indication, suggestion, lead, pointer, cue, and sign. These words all describe something that gives insight into a situation or points toward a possible outcome. Other synonyms could be signal, signpost, trail, hunch or warning. These words are often used in investigative settings, where a small piece of information can unlock a much larger puzzle. Tipoff can be essential to detecting or preventing problems, and identifying the right synonyms can help to communicate more effectively.

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How to use "Tipoff" in context?

What is a "tipoff"?

A tipoff is a small clue that someone may have about someone else's plans or intentions. It can be a subtle sign that suggested something may be amiss. A tipoff can also be a word or action that gives someone an indication as to what to do next.

When it comes to law enforcement, a tipoff can be the key to catching a criminal. A tipoff can be anything from a suspicious behavior to a piece of incriminating evidence. In the world of sports, tipoffs can be the difference between winning and losing.

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